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Cincinnati Reds vs Colorado Rockies

Sep 27, 2023

Hunter Greene is back on the mound for the Cincinnati Reds after getting a few extra days of rest. He’ll be matched up against righty Antonio Senzatela and the Colorado Rockies. The Reds will be looking to get back in the win column as they begin their road trip tonight with an 8:40pm ET scheduled first pitch.

Here are the lineups for this evening's contest:

Hunter Greene

Greene's splits are interesting – lefties are walking plenty against him so far, but they aren't hitting much. Righties are making more contact, but not walking – but they have hit for some power. Granted the sample size at play here is very small and things can change quickly, but so far that's how things have played out.

For Greene, all eyes will be on the radar gun after his last outing saw him throwing about 4 MPH less than usual. While the team says he was fine following the outing, they did push him back a few days in the rotation.


Pitch Usage

Antonio Senzatela

For a team that is struggling to make contact, Antonio Senzatela may be the answer. He's barely striking out anyone this season. We’re still dealing with a small sample size issue of just a handful of innings, but his strikeout rate on the year is under 10%, which is more than 50% lower than the league average. He hasn't been fooling anyone, either – batters have hit .448/.450/.569 against him this season.


Pitch Usage

The Reds have added Connor Overton to the taxi squad. The Reds currently need a fifth starter with Nick Lodolo on the IL.

Overton (who throws two different sliders) has a 2.84 ERA in four games/ 19 innings this season.

— Charlie Goldsmith (@CharlieG__) April 29, 2022

Resignations, Phil Castellini, and Walt Jocketty coming back?

Jon Heyman had some interesting things in a recent column at the New York Post about a bunch of resignations within the Reds after Phil Castellini's comments on opening day, and a little tidbit on Walt Jocketty perhaps taking on a bigger role within the organization once again.

Joey Votto's hockey puck bat is no more

C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic spoke with Joey Votto about the bat, and the switch back to a normal one that's left him feeling better about moving forward.

Alexis Diaz and his special fastball

Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote about the Reds rookie and his fastball, that early on this season stands out among all pitchers in Major League Baseball for multiple reasons.

Doug Gray is the owner of, Redleg Nation, and as you guessed it, passionate about the great sport of baseball. He's been writing about baseball since 2006 (contributions formerly at The Athletic and currently at Baseball America). You can keep tabs with him on twitter @dougdirt24.

Votto WILL figure it out.

Perhaps if he gives up his quest for home runs and just puts the ball in play.

It's too late for Votto to figure it out!

Kris Bryant to the IL, a little bit of luck for us

Moose has a hitting streak? he got an infield hit?

Greene's fastball sitting on 96-97 MPH… What is happening to him?

Could be weather as mentioned below, but it looks to me he is throwing more 2 seamers and trying to get movement rather than hard 4 seemers? Pure speculation.

Weather? Atlanta and LA were both much warmer than here and Denver.

farmer bad error at SS

He had a 98.6% fielding percentage last year. That was a hard shot, not a "bad error." He should have fielded it still. But of all the bad things this team has, farmer is far from one to worry about.

Moose pops out to the catcher ..Really?

Mustakas seems to be doing a big effort to can reach .200 avg, but it's hard to him…

This is unwatchable offense.

Your Cincinnati Reds cant hit or score runs!

Dems the facts…..even at Coors field,

Thanks for sharing. We couldn't have figured that out ????

At least the game is going to be shorter by a half inning now

NEVER down and in to lefties. It should be the number 1 rule for pitchers. Somehow, or guys never read the rulebook.

Who represents Cincinnati at the All-Star game? India? Somebody has to go.

Bad Hunter (or Lodolo) exponentially better than the rest of the present rotation …

I cant even say that. I only trust Lodolo and Mahle at away games only. Greene is close… real close… but he just wasnt quite ready

As it should be very few people are commenting on today's game. There really isn't much to say beginning to look like 3 and 17. When is this nightmare going to end? Unfortunately I am afraid it will last for all 162 games.

late start, combined with day 2 of the draft combined with the record.. i think i was the only one for a while

All I need for a nice same game parlay is both teams to score 3+ runs. Already hit India 2 bases and Hunter 4+Ks. Thats another thing that really limits Farmer(( Guy must hit into 25 dp's a year. Go the other way with nobody on, but risp and he's rolling over constantly. Sorry team can't even beat up a garbage pitcher at Coors.

Atleast I was able to hedge Under 2.5 runs and make something

Farmer had 247 at-bats in 2019-2020 combined with 1 double play. 16 last year and 3 this season already. Drury already has 3 dps too. Thats crazy. We just absolutely fail at every level.

Mark,This nightmare is not going to end. I’m thinking 105 losses.

Ron: I think you are being kind I am looking at over 110, so sad.

Senzel 6 for last 16 with 2 doubles & hr. Thats a historic heater for this team. We need him to somehow piece together a decent career.

Nothing improves a team's outlook like playing the Reds. All the media about the Rockies being out scored 32-9 by the Phillies. No big deal Rockies, the Reds are coming to town. And what have the Reds done to change their trajectory? Exactly nothing. What a useless, unserious organization.

4 double plays…..lollllllllllll. Everybody rolling over on weak slop away off garbage pitchers. Who is the hitting coach for the Reds? They come and go but yet every single one SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSS

4 out of 7 innings have ended in double plays, this is beyond bad. Back to the biggest subject, how long can this go on before pulling the string on Bell? I realize he is not the only problem but, you have to do something to make it look like you care and that is the only choice. I would say an 0 and 6 road trip could spell the end, very possible.

If he hasn't been fired by now, no reason to be optimistic that he will be. It's starting to look like there's a better chance of a trading deadline fire sale than Bell going anywhere.

Especially since his father, Buddy Bell, is an Assistant GM or special advisor to Big Bob.

As I said last night, Zinter hired October 2019 and the Reds haven't hit since. But he's a Bell guy from their time together in SF. He makes Turner Ward look like Ty Cobb.

A number of the Reds hit well last year. Winker, India, Stephenson, Votto, Castellanos and even Naquin.

Pham defense is not helping Diehl out at all. While tough….both were very catchable.

This is really ugly, feels like they don't care loosing the rest of the way.

What an embarrassing inning all around, this bunch is beyond bad.

Bell still "managing hard" as he issues the intentional walk….down 9-1

Strategically saving Strickland for the next high leverage spot.

The beat goes on, a lifeless team getting hammered again. Playing and looking like the worst team in baseball.

Will a 5-30 start finally send Bell packing?

Deihl was fringe AAAA player anyway, then sent him out to the place that has seen him the most. I would say fire bell, but who wants to manage the reds while Krall is still the GM or bob owns the team

The fact is these players can not be as bad as they look and that is on Bell.

Comparing this team to the 1982 team is not fair to the 1982 team , this team is much much worse and that team played with a lot more energy this group doesn't seem to care at all and that is a reflection on Bell.

Pham is righting his ship though at the plate, has cleared .200 again

Yes. It makes you wonder what he would be hitting now if he had participated in a decent number of pre-season games.

Yea, true, but we got to hope for it to improve for his trade value.

Figures Votto can't reach on a strikeout and what should have been a passed ball. Votto had no idea that the catcher didn't catch the ball. Good thing Farmer was just standing there on deck, holding his bat and not yelling or motioning for Votto to run to first (sarcasm).

Obvious that the players quit on this game long before that moment occurred.

Hopefully Bell will be sent packing sooner then later….and my dream is that Sadek follows him out the door

This is the worst reds baseball team of my adult lifetime

They are lucky to be 60-102

They are horrific

This is not a fluke

They are awful

Nothing will change until there is an organizational housecleaning from top to bottom. I’ve been a Reds fan since the late 1940's and have never seen such disarray.

Great, now Bell can talk about how "they never gave up" in the postgame…..Yada yada yada….

Bell is just another empty suit. I don't listen to and seldom even read his comments.

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