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Fully Charged: "Your new van is now an electric cargo bike!"

Jul 17, 2023

Big news this week in the evolution of UK cycling retail, and it comes in the form of a 4 wheeled last mile delivery solution from Vok Bike, now distributed in the UK by Fully Charged.

The merging of worlds, happening via the eBike, sees a closing of the gap between (B2B) commercial fleet vehicles and (B2C) personal eBikes used for cycling as transport. The common element; getting from A to B efficiently – using less time and energy, whilst also reducing cost.

For Vok Bikes, the Estonian manufacturer is intending to implement real change for the rapid growth of cargo bikes here in the UK, with their innovative quadracycles becoming a true sustainable and economically viable alternatives for many van trips.

Importantly, here in the UK quadracycles are classified as electric cargo bikes and can be ridden in cycle lanes.

Vok has been engineered as a commercial vehicle, designed and built for longevity, with durability and rider comfort in mind.

Quadracycles step in where two-wheeled cargo bikes can, for certain cargo types, meet a natural limit (which is also far beyond where many would imagine), offering potential for greater load capacity, whilst also maintaining stability, comfort and safety.

With Vok launching their XL product, and with the Vok Standard currently available to demo at Fully Charged, the business founded in 2014 by Ben Jaconelli, sees partnership with Vok as a prime opportunity to drive a transport revolution, reshaping what the future of our towns and cities could look like.

Demo opportunities

For businesses keen to explore what Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) can deliver as a last mile deliver solution and white van replacement, Fully Charged are hosting 3 consecutive demo days on the 17th, 18th and 19th May at their London Bridge service centre.

Those interested in test riding the future of last-mile delivery, can contact the Fully Charged eBikes for Business team by clicking here.

Fleet LEV and eCargo bike: A brief B2B sector overview

With the rise of eco-friendly and sustainable transport options, quadracycles are becoming more popular than ever across a range of industries, with businesses including Amazon, DHL, Yodel and ASDA have introduced eCargo bikes to their delivery fleets.

Zedify, a sustainable delivery service designed specifically for the challenges of the modern city, with a fleet of eMobility delivery solutions, saw it's cargo trikes (95.8%) and electric vans (4.2% of it's fleet) travel an astonishing 584,000Km in 2022, or the equivalent of 14.5 times round the earth's equator! The business is set to make its bike delivery network available to around 20% of the UK's population thanks to a £5m investment, with Manchester and Birmingham key targets.

To read more about UK manufactured EAV, and one of its servicing and support partners, click here and here.

Demo opportunities Fleet LEV and eCargo bike: A brief B2B sector overview