Porsche announces electric bicycle motors for new models
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Porsche announces electric bicycle motors for new models

Jul 25, 2023

Porsche eBike Performance GmbH has announced that it will produce electric bike motors. The Germany-based company has also said it will make batteries and build the necessary software to allow connections between devices. Porsche suggests that the new motors will be particularly powerful, though it has not quantified this claim. The Porsche electric drive systems will be used to power new e-bikes from the brand, due to launch in the next three to five years. No further details of future models have been provided yet.

The company stated that it would continue to develop Fazua drive systems, having acquired the company in June. The recently launched lightweight Fazua Ride 60 system, as used in the Transition Relay e-bike, weighs 4.2 kg (~9.3 lbs) and delivers up to 60 Nm of torque. The drive system includes a 430 Wh battery and a 450 W motor. Both Fazua and Porsche products will be sold to electric bicycle manufacturers globally and used for in-house models. Porsche also acquired a majority stake in Greyp bike, another e-bike brand, late last year.

In the statement, Porsche reaffirmed that it was continuing to work with Rotwild on its current e-bike models. These include the Porsche eBike Sport, launched in March 2021, powered by a Shimano EP8 Motor, with a top speed of 16 mph (~25 kph) and up to 85 Nm of torque. A 630 Wh battery provides up to miles (~125 km) range and can charge to 80% in around 2.5 hours. The eBike Sport is currently out of stock but usually retails for £9,300 (~US$11,333).

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