PVY Z20 Pro: Electric folding bike available
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PVY Z20 Pro: Electric folding bike available

Oct 28, 2023

E-bikes and folding bikes are the biggest bicycle trends of recent years. PVY has now presented the Z20 Pro, a bike that combines both trends. The electric folding bike is available now and is designed to be transported as luggage just like a classic folding bike.

The Z20 Pro measures just 890 x 645 x 380 mm when folded, making it easy to transport. Mounted on it are 20 cm tires, which also do not take up much space. This means that the bike can usually be transported as luggage on public transport free of charge and without any problems. Thus, it brings the biggest advantage of a classic folding bike. The weight of the bike is nevertheless considerable and is likely to be significantly higher than that of a conventional folding bike: it weighs 22 kilograms.

The electric folding bike is equipped with a brushless motor in the rear wheel hub, which achieves a power of 250 watts and thus allows a maximum speed of 25 km/h. It also has a pushing mechanism. There is also a push-assist. With this equipment, the Z20 Pro can legally be used on public roads in Germany as a license-free e-bike. Accordingly, there are no barriers to entry, which could be an argument for buying the new e-bike.

The equipment also includes a 374.4 Wh battery that is integrated into the frame of the bike and is supposed to ensure a range of up to 80 kilometers. The integration into the frame is quite problematic, since a replacement is not possible without going to a workshop. In this respect, the Z20 Pro is inferior to other e-bikes like the Trekking 7 Ultra from Hepha. Six-speed Shimano gears, disc brakes, a rear rack, smartphone holder, cover, tools and mudguards round out the e-bike's features.

Available immediately is the new e-bike from PVY at a price of 759 euros. It is offered in a gray as well as in a white variant. Delivery is scheduled to take place within a few days.