The Wildest Electric Rideables At CES 2023
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The Wildest Electric Rideables At CES 2023

Sep 08, 2023

From battery-powered roller skates to the world's first electric snowbike, there was no shortage of innovative electric rideables at CES 2023.

CES 2023 gave many companies a platform to showcase new and exciting products, and these are the coolest electric rideables unveiled at the event. This year's edition has lived up to expectations, with various gadgets and concepts displayed for the world to see. Whether it's a health sensor that lives in the toilet bowl or an AI-powered lawnmower, brands keep finding new ways to use technology. Mobility was also represented at CES by vehicle manufacturers, EV charging providers, and makers of electric rideables.

Electric rideables not only optimize personal mobility, but they're highly beneficial to the environment. They come in handy for short commutes and also for running errands. And due to their small size and flexibility, they're great for skirting traffic. They contribute to a healthy lifestyle and also enable owners to enjoy gas savings. Various kinds of rideables appeared at this year's CES, ranging from bikes to roller skates. These are the most exciting products from the show.

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French startup Atmos Gear presented the world's first electric inline skates. Not only are they built to help people with their daily commute, but their lightweight design ensures that users will find them easy to use even when there's no battery power. Riders can recharge on the move while cruising at 20 mph, thanks to a battery that's worn around the waist with cables that connect to the skates. Charging can be completed within an hour, and the skates come with a range of 20 miles.

Reservations for the skates cost $500 per unit and Atmos Gear promises to reward bulk purchases with a special offer. There are two ride modes – Remote Mode and Smart Mode. In Remote Mode, riders can remotely accelerate, reduce speed or stop using a controller. In Smart Mode, body movements control the skates and the electric motor only kicks in when riders increase their pace. For now, only Remote Mode is available.

The Tatamel bike has Transformers-like abilities thanks to its foldable design that eliminates the need to find a parking spot. According to Icoma, the Japan-based manufacturer, the Tatamel concept combines portability and attractive design. It can also fit into places previously tagged as impossible for bikes.

Using a 100V outlet, the Tatamel bike can achieve a full battery charge in three hours. Users get up to 19 miles of range which is ideal for short trips. For a safe and enjoyable ride, the bike features 10-inch wheels, suspension in the front, and a large-diameter mono-suspension in the rear. It also serves as an alternative power source, with a USB port capable of recharging gadgets like smartphones. Icoma has announced that the production version will be available this year.

Gyroor's lineup at CES 2023 featured an AI-powered distribution robot, a foldable electric scooter, and an electric one-wheel skateboard otherwise called Surfwheel. The robot is engineered for restaurants and hotels, facilitating swift food delivery and room service. Equipped with infrared detection and hands-free voice interaction capabilities, the machine can avoid obstacles while enhancing operational efficiency.

Meanwhile, the Surfwheel's lightweight setup enables riders to easily navigate street corners. It also comes with LED lights to help with night rides. Built with aviation aluminum, the electric scooter (Gyroor X3) has a portable frame. It comes with a 700W electric motor that offers a top speed and range of 21 mph and 31 miles, respectively.

Developed by the company TripBike, Hyboo is a unique blend of electric power and bio-sourced materials. Sporting a bamboo frame, this electrically assisted bike weighs 33 lbs and comes with a 2.2 lbs detachable battery that can be carried in a backpack. Riders are guaranteed up to 37 miles of range, while it takes two hours to recharge the battery. According to the makers, the electric assistance begins when the user engages the pedal and halts when pedaling ends. The accessories include a carrying case and eco-designed helmets.

Part bike, part snowmobile, the Moonbike is the first-ever all-electric snowbike. The makers claim that it's an ideal way to move around in winter. It's said to be three times smaller than a regular snowmobile, weighing 192 lbs even with a battery pack. It can carry a payload of 264 lbs (driver included). Riders get a max speed of 27 mph and power of 125 lb-ft of torque. It costs $8,900 and is available in three color options – white, red, and black. It comes with a dedicated app that provides insights into riders' athleticism, access to virtual races, battery status, and more.

Cyrusher Bikes, an electric fat tire brand, revealed a wide range of e-rideables and power storage solutions at CES 2023. The products include fat electric bikes, an electric surfboard, and outdoor power storage systems. One of the electric bikes on display at Las Vagas is the Ranger which features a 750W Bafang motor, LCD screen, 4-inch fat tires, and fresh custom paintwork.

The Ranger offers a riding range of 56 miles. Mobility-impaired riders can leverage the Kommoda and Ovia bikes which are designed to meet their needs. Equipped with batteries, motors, and a few more components, the electric surfboard offers a top speed of 40 mph. According to the builders, it "gives people the feeling of flying on the water."

Heybike, a maker of personal electric vehicles (PEVs) exhibited several electric bike models at this year's CES, but Tyson stands out. According to Heybike, it's the first model in its category to feature a 750W motor on a unibody design. In Heybike's official statement, it "designed this product to give riders the ultimate in aesthetics and convenience while delivering a riding experience like none other." The 75-lbs bike offers up to 55 miles of range on pedal assist, comes with a thumb throttle, and supports the Heybike Connect app. Hydraulic disc brakes, hydraulic front fork suspension, magnesium alloy frame, and 20 x 4 fat tires are also standard equipment for the electric bike.

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