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City of Stockton to launch more than 100 e

Jun 22, 2023

Stockton set to have a new form of transportation

Stockton set to have a new form of transportation

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Stockton set to have a new form of transportation

A nonprofit organization is introducing Stockton with a cleaner way to get around the city.

No, it's not a new car: It's 105 pedal-assisted electric bikes that are less than one day from launching.

Members and partners of the Bike Stockton program were spotted demonstrating the new bikes to the community throughout the week.

Program manager Tyler Madell showed off some of the features on the black and white bikes, which include a bell, adjustable seat, brakes and a lock.

The bikes resemble any typical bike, but some additional features include single-speed, and a pedal assist, which gives riders a boost, making it easier to ride.

This is the first time a service like this has been brought to the city.

Madell said this was done in coordination with agencies like the San Joaquin Council of Governments and the county's Regional Transit District and made possible through a Sustainable Transportation Equity Project grant from the California Air Resources Board.

"We believe it's important to launch programs like this that are financially accessible, and also help to get more people biking and provide more people transportation options," Madell said.

Luis Payne, who is a regular bike rider, said he's excited about the new program and is open to trying out the new e-bikes.

"Oh, it feels good. You’re free, you can go anywhere you want to," Payne said. "You don't got to have gas. Everything's so high now."

Payne said he hopes this will also lead to more bike paths being made around the city.

To use the e-bikes, users must download the Bike Stockton app, create an account and scan a QR code for the e-bike to unlock.

The e-bikes can be found and placed at five hubs located around the city.

Those hubs are at:

Madell said the e-bikes can also be placed at any public bike station where operations team members can collect them for recharge and to bring them back to the designated hubs.

Miguel Guillen partners with the program and says he hopes these new e-bikes can also work to attract tourism.

"With visitors coming to town, I think that they’re going to be able to utilize these bikes, and I think that it's going to be showing some progressive movement for our city," Guillen said.

The launch event will be held at the University of the Pacific campus on Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon.

Giveaways will include new helmets, T-shirts and half-off on yearly memberships.

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