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Max Speed Codes (June 2023)

Sep 17, 2023

Get the latest Max speed codes here, another new and popular Roblox racing game. Can you hit max speed?

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We checked for new codes on June 1st.

Max Speed is a brand-new Roblox racing/clicking game, one of the most popular types of games on the platform right now. This time around you need to click for speed! The more you click, the faster your vehicle will go. Work your way up towards rocket bikes and super cars.

We check for new Max Speed codes every day, and we reckon this is going to be a popular game. New codes will be released to celebrate like milestones every weekend, so check back soon!




Double luck For 15 minutes!


Double trophies for 15 minutes!


Double acceleration For 15 minutes!


Double trophies for 15 minutes!




Triple trophies for 15 minutes!

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Here's how to get your free boosters, vehicles, and trophies in Max Speed.

Code not working? The code might have been entered incorrectly, or it might be expired. Double-check your code by copy and pasting, and if that still doesn't work, come back soon to see if any new codes have dropped.

These are free rewards given out by Team Hermes, the devs behind Max Speed. So far, they are given out to celebrate like milestones, but we might also see codes in the future for updates. These codes can be redeemed for trophies (the in-game currency and what you get for racing) and for free vehicles.

You will always be able to find new codes on this page, but we also recommend bookmarking the game page (we expect new codes to be posted there as well), and joining the game's community Discord server for news about updates, codes, and sneak peeks for upcoming content.

Max Speed is the latest in a line of popular Roblox clicking and racing games, a fad which started with Race Clicker. All these games typically have different themes, with skydiving, rocket ships, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Max Speed is all about motorbikes and supercars, and the unlocks are boosters that make you go faster. Click, go fast, earn trophies, buy more boosters. That's Max Speed in a nutshell - and it is very, very satisfying.

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