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'ossby GEO' turns plant

Oct 31, 2023

Spanish company Ossby converts vegetable resins and recycled fibers into carbon fiber to create the bike design of Ossby Geo, an e-bike that folds in just a second. Riders experience trouble whenever they lug their heavy bikes on public transportation, even receiving unnecessary looks from some passengers.

images courtesy of Ossby

Ossby looks into this scenario and conceives GEO as a lightweight electric bike with a total weight of 11 kilos. The patented one-second folding gives riders little to no problem in carrying it like a shoulder or gym bag. If they don't feel like lifting it, they can always roll the wheels on the floor or surface even when it's folded.

the frame is made from composite fibers

Ossby GEO's frame is from composite, high-tech fibers, which make it ‘stronger than aluminum,’ as the company describes it. The carbon fiber forks also offer a sporty feel to the bike while guaranteeing strength to weather any bumps on the road. Hydraulic brakes slow down the bike without being abrupt and launching the riders from their seats.

it folds in just a second

If night biking is on the table, Ossby GEO's integrated LED lights in the front and rear blast a bright glow to alert nearby vehicles that they don't own the road. The rear light anchors a stop-detector sensor which brightens as soon as the riders stop. When not in use, the LED lights automatically turn off.

the tail light glows when the bike stops

No one might guess correctly whether or not Ossby GEO is electric since the battery isn't that obvious. That's because Ossby hides the Lithium-ion battery inside the composite fame – ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ the company writes in its news.

On a full charge – around two hours with a fast charger and double when using an ordinary one – the electric folding bike can take riders up to 50 kilometers with an electric drive speed of up to 25 km/h, thanks to the 250 watts DC motor.

it weighs 11 kilos

Technology is also at the forefront of Ossby GEO with its Bluetooth feature that allows riders to connect their smartphones to the electric folding bike. The app informs riders of the bike's battery percentage and peddling assistance mode.

it takes around two hours with a fast charger to fully charge it

it is easy to carry from its lightweight material